December 13, 2021 – registration for free (will open soon)

Time: 4 pm CET

The Web was designed to bring people together and make knowledge freely available. It has changed the world for good and improved the lives of billions. Yet, many people are still unable to access its benefits and, for others, using the internet comes with too many unacceptable costs.

It appears that most stakeholders across the political spectrum agree on two connected issues:

  • Europe and the Nordic countries need to be able to shape the digital space for its citizens, communities, innovative businesses and policymakers.
  • The unique identity of the “Nordic model” with a collection of diverse communities – bound by democratic values, bottom-up self-governance, individual freedom and social rights – needs to be reflected in our digital space.

Numerous organisations and initiatives have been launched with a belief in openness and free knowledge. Their proponents placed their bets on the combined power of networked information services and new governance models for the production and sharing of content and data.

We – as members of this broad movement – were among those who believed it possible to leverage this combination of power and opportunity to build a more democratic society, unleashing the power of the internet to create universal access to knowledge and culture. For us, such openness meant not only freedom, but also presented a path to justice and equality.

Our main goal with GoOpen 2021 is to explore possibilities for reimagining the role of openness in a digital environment that has undergone fundamental changes over the last two decades.

Webinar agena

  • Alek Tarkovsky  will talk about «The paradox of open» 
  • Cable Green will talk about how Creative Commons is working reshape the open ecosystem through enhanced open infrastructure and transformed institutions
  • Conversation and question from the participants

About the speakers

Alek Tarkovsky

In March 2021 Alek Tarkovsky and Paul Keller published the Paradox of Open, an essay in which they reflect on almost 20 years of involvement in the open movement. One of our key insights is that in today’s environment, openness serves as both a challenge to concentrations of power and its enabler.

Alek is the founder and president of Open Future Foundation, a think tank for the Open Movement. He is also a member of the Creative Commons Board of Directors, co-founder of Creative Commons Poland chapter, co-founder of Communia Association on the digital public domain, and member of the Board of the Foundation of Centrum Cyfrowe, a Polish civic think-and-do-tank.

Cable Green

Dr. Cable Green is the Director of Open Education at Creative Commons. Cable works with the global open education community to leverage open licensing, content, practices, and policies to significantly improve access to effective, open education and research resources so everyone in the world can attain all the education they desire.