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GoOpen.no the personal site for Christer Gundersen

Christer Gundersen is a technology enthusiast working to unlock the full potential of the internet by promoting a free and open web. Christer works as the CTO at the Norwegian digital learning arena with a strong focus on the development of open educational learning resources and free software.

He also works as project lead for The global digital library. The Global Digital Library (GDL) is being developed to increase the availability of high-quality mother tongue learning resources worldwide.

Christer founded OER Global Search in July 2016. The idea behind OER Global Search is to make it easy for you to find open learning resources that allow reuse, re-contextualization, and translation.

Christer founded The Maarifa Initiative in 2014 with pilot projects in Ethiopia and Uganda. He has worked extensively with how the reuse and sharing of technology and digital content can affect our society. Christer has a strong commitment to the use of free software and open digital learning resources as an important part of future projects in developing countries.

Christer has previously held positions for The Norwegian government, KS, Microsoft and the Norwegian competence center for free software.

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